Are logo’s really important?

Your logo/tagline should reflex your business, your brand, name, and story; it should be honest and succinct.

You have probably seen a quiz or two either online or at the pub where you need to name the logo’s and I bet you can name quite a few?  This is the importance a logo can make, your customer will recognise your business almost immediately.

Again choosing a logo that reflects your business should be in-depth and not be taken lightly.  You need to consider a number of factors like the colour, will you have an icon or a particular font type?

A few elite logos are so recognisable they don’t even need words! Take for example Apple or Nike.

Choosing a logo should be fun, but I would always recommend hiring a graphic designer to encapsulate exactly what your company is.   This logo along with your brand name could potentially be printed and advertised on a number of visual mediums i.e.;

  1. Stationery – business cards, letterheads
  2. Marketing – email signature, brochures, website, flyers, vehicle graphics
  3. Product packaging
  4. Employee uniforms


Among all these, the logo represents the lone element that encompasses the entire brand and corporate identity and showcases it in an easily identifiable way.

N.B A logo is a symbol that represents the business in its entirety.

You now have a business name with a logo and possibly a strapline, so you know who you are and what you are emitting to your prospective clients.

But who are your prospective clients and how are you going to attract them?  In my next blog we will be talking about why you should identify your market.

Eloise Howes

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I am a freelance professional offering marketing and administrative services to small and micro sized businesses on the South Coast.

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