Name – speaks a thousand words!!

Once it’s in place it is the foundation of your business, it will tell people about your brand, who you are and what you do.

Once in place it’s really hard to change, well, it’s not that you can’t change it.  It’s more about your changing your logo, your collateral, your website.

It could cause so much hassle for you in the long term, so the thought is to get it right from the start, so don’t go rushing straight in think about it, ask your friends, family, ask other businesses in your area, look at what your competitors are offering and what they are called.  This is all the start of your brand.

There will be more questions than answers in this, as you will be the only one that can actually answer the questions…

Are you naming a local company?  Will it make sense to use the location i.e Bournemouth in your company name?  For instance if you name your company Bournemouth Bookkeeping, will you always be in Bournemouth?

Are you offering just one service or product?  Beach Balls for instance, or will you offer other items for customer to buy?  There is no point naming your company Bournemouth Beach Balls if you will also be selling umbrellas.

Think long term.

Your name is Mrs Jane Smith, and your business offers bookkeeping services. Do you think JS solutions really lets people know what you are? Does this brand name really capture future growth? Does this name sound like a professional body?  Will you ever change your name?

Does the acronym JSS mean anything anywhere else?  Does another company use this that sells toilets for instance?

Could you use instead a more generic name that identifies exactly what you do i.e. Precision Bookkeeping, it will have longevity, it tells your prospective clients exactly what you do, you change your name and even your location and your business will not need to change or look out of place.

The hard work needs to be put in from the start you will then have a solid base on where to build your business, your brand.   There is no point building a solid business on a weak foundation.

My next blog will be on creating a logo and tagline to accompany your business name.

Eloise Howes

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I am a freelance professional offering marketing and administrative services to small and micro sized businesses on the South Coast.

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